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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 19, 2012)
Happy Birthday Draxuss :)
(Sep 19, 2012)
Nice to see they were thinking of you Draxuss :)
(Sep 19, 2012)
swtor live stream event for my birthday that's a nice gift ^_^
(Sep 04, 2012)
Don't forget to take the time to check out all of the current polls in the Polls section and give us your feedback. That's how we make the guild better!
(Aug 27, 2012)
Check out the new Impossible Star Wars question under the new Fun and Games section of the forum
(Aug 24, 2012)
Please take a moment to answer our new poll regarding your preferred day for guild events.
(Aug 24, 2012)
Just a friendly reminder, we will have a brief guild meeting tomorrow a 9pm Eastern time.
(Aug 21, 2012)
Hey everyone, don't forget Guild Happy Hour tomorrow at the Slipper Slopes, as if you need directions.
(Aug 20, 2012)
Don't forget to check out the Ventrillo server and the Guild Bank
(Aug 16, 2012)
Try out the chat function under the main menu up top
(Aug 15, 2012)
Check out the latest poll question recently added.
(Aug 13, 2012)
You guys do know the check function about this box works great if you get more than one person online at a time.
(Aug 12, 2012)
Don't forget to check out the news for directions to the guild meeting on Friday
(Aug 12, 2012)
We have some new help guides under the Sith Holocron section of the forums.
(Aug 09, 2012)
Greetings to everyone, hope you enjoy the web site and the guild.