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The Second Sith Empire Guild Rules and Requirements

Revised 09/28/15

General Rules:

1. Joining the guild: All new members of the guild should complete the following activities upon being invited to join the guild.

A. Membership Requirements:
  1. Sign up on the guild web site at
  2. Read and agree to abide by The Second Sith Empire Guild Rules and Requirements

B. Entry to the guild is as follows:
  1. Any existing guild member may invite another player to join the guild
  2. Prospective players should be willing to agree to the rules set forth here

C. New Member Status
  1. New members are added to the guild at the rank of Ensign
  2. Ensign ranked players have limited access to guild resources in game on via the guild web site
  3. All new players are admitted to the guild on a minimum 14 day trial basis
  4. Upon satisfactory completion of 14 days in guild new members are eligible for peer nominated promotion
  5. Members must meet the requirements for promotion and be nominated by a peer or higher rank for promotion

NOTE: For more information on Guild Bank restrictions please refer to the Guild Bank Permissions under Policies on the guild web site

NOTE: For more information on promotion requirements by rank please refer to Guild Rank Requirements under Policies on the guild web site

D. Compliance to Guild Rules: All guild members are required to read The Second Sith Empire Guild Rules and Requirements. All questions, complaints or issues are to be taken to guild officers who will to be resolved.  

2. Communications Protocols: There are multiple forms of communication available to guild members. These include all in game chat channels, whispers/tells as well as in-game mail. Also available through the guild web site are forums, shoutbox, live chat and direct messages. We also provide voice chat via a guild sponsored Mumble server. The following rules govern all these forms of communications.

A. Zero Tolerance Policy: The Second Sith Empire has a ZERO tolerance policy against inappropriate behavior. "Trolling" or any form of abusive, harassing, insulting or any otherwise offensive behavior is absolutely prohibited as long as you are associated with this guild and will result in immediate removal from the guild if evidence of it is presented to an officer of the guild and the guild officers deem it in violation of the spirit of the guild and these rules.  If you can not be a part of our guild without causing problems, you can’t be a part of our guild.

B. Mature Conduct: The Second Sith Empire is a family-friendly guild. As such, we ask that all public guild chat remain PG-13 Rated. This means, no excessive swearing or foul language. If something is questionable, err on the side of caution out of respect for your guild-mates.

If you see someone using excessive inappropriate language in a public channel that you find offensive, please remember that while we are asking them to be considerate to you, we also ask that you be considerate to them. People will slip up and get carried away. Politely ask them to scale back the conversation. If they ignore a polite request, or become confrontational, stop, take a screenshot, and approach an officer. Put them on ignore if you must. But ultimately, allow the officers to handle it. We feel that if members attempt to police each other, it only leads to conflict.

C. Spamming: Spamming macros in guild chat is prohibited unless it is an info macro used by Officers. 

D. Drama Free: This is a drama free guild. Keep other players in mind at all times. We are all here to enjoy the game and have fun as long as it is not hurtful to others.

E. Forums: Forums have been made available for guild members. These forums can be used to research in-game information such as class, race, profession, instance or raid information. The forums can also be used for questions and concerns about the guild, in game play, etc. Please feel free to add any information that would be useful to other guild members. 

F. Voice Chat: The Mumble server is for guild members only, with the exception of those who are running instances, flashpoints or operations with guild members.

  1. Use of this service is intended for adults 18 and over. Content presented in this forum may be inappropriate for children. Views, ideas and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of The Second Sith Empire or its officers.
  2. If you would like to invite a non-guild member to use our Mumble server you must obtain permission from a guild officer prior to releasing the server information to someone outside the guild.
  3. There are a limited number of slots available on the Mumble server. Preference will always be given to guild members over non-guild members. This may at times result in non-guild members being removed from an in-session connection in order to accommodate other guild members.
  4. Please be polite and courteous to anyone on voice chat while using it yourself. Abusive language, bullying, intimidating, threats of violence or bodily harm and trolling in general are prohibited. Use of voice changes, sounds boards or other disruptive technologies or sound generators are prohibited.
  5. All conversations on this server are subject to recording, rebroadcasting and live broadcasting at the discretion of guild management
  6. Use of this service implies acceptance of these terms

3. Open Door Policy: The officers of the guild are always interested in getting feedback from the guild members. Whether in the form of polls, suggestions on the forums or direct messages to officers we have an open door policy and respect the opinions of all of our members. All recommendations for guild events, guild website and policy improvements will be considered by guild leaders. 

4. Guild Bank: The guild bank is provided as an easy way for members to get the things they need; however, each member is expected to give as well as take. All guild members can donate both credits as well as items to the guild bank. The amount of credits and the number of items that can be removed from each vault at during the course of a gaming week is determined by the guild members rank. Abuse of the guild bank (including but not limited to taking items for non-guild members or selling bank items for personal gain) is grounds for immediate removal from the guild. 

5. Guild Events: The Second Sith Empire offers a variety of regularly scheduled and special events. All of these events are scheduled in advance for the convenience of our members. The following rules apply to all guild sponsored events.

A. General Rules:
  1. All scheduled events feature a sign up ability on the guild web site which should always be used to express your intent to attend any given event. All events are scheduled as server time. Since the server is an East Coast server all times would be in Eastern Time.
  2. Individuals who have signed up for an event are considered to have committed themselves to the event
  3. Ensure you are logged into the game and in the proper in-game location at least 15 minutes prior to event start time
  4. If you are unable to attend an event you've committed to it is your responsibility to notify the event organizer through any means available at the earliest possible time
  5. All scheduled events will have an estimated duration. Ensure you are available for the duration of the event you have signed up for before signing up for an event.

B. Raiding Events:
Raiding is never mandatory and you are not required to participate in any of them to be a part of the guild. If you do sign up for a raid, we will expect you to show up on time. Please avoid signing up if you are not committed to attending. We understand that real-life happens, and sometimes you won’t be able to show up for a raid you wanted to go to on. If at all possible, please send an in-game mail to the raid leader alerting them that you won’t be able to make it.

NOTE: Please refer to the various Raiding Rules documents available in the Policy section of the guild web site for more specific rules regarding Raiding events

C. PVP Events:
Like raiding, participation in PVP is not mandatory to join The Second Sith Empire, but will be available as an option for those who wish to participate. PVP nights will be scheduled very much the same as raiding nights.

D. Role Playing Events:
We understand that not every member of the guild does role playing. However, we do ask that you treat other members who are role playing respectfully. If you intend on participating in a schedule role playing event the same guidelines for signup and preference apply to this as they do to all other scheduled event signups.

6. Event Attendance: In the interest of maintaining and active and engaged guild community members of the guild are expected to participate in guild events.

A. We ask that members attend at least one event per month, regardless of the type of event. Otherwise there's little point to being in this guild.

B. Members who are consistently absent from guild events over the course of 60 days may be removed from the guild for inactivity.

7. Alternate Characters: We understand that people enjoy playing alts, however we must balance that against a desire to avoid flooding our guild with infrequently played characters. The following rules govern alternate characters in guild.

A. Non-officer alternate characters may not hold any rank above that of Ensign, with the restrictions and privileges associated with that rank.

B. All alternate characters must denote the fact that they are an alt and the main character associated with them. This information should be set in the characters member note field in the guild window

C. While we do not currently restrict the number of alts a member may bring into the guild, it is recommended that no member should bring in more than four alts representing each of the basic character classes

D. Members may re-designate their main character no more than once per month by notifying a ranking officer (Fleet Admiral) and above. The officer will adjust the member notes on each of the members alts and the main and change the ranks for the affected characters as necessary. It is recommended that you minimize the number of changes because of the administrative effort needed to affect such changes.

8. Game Attendance: In the interest of maintaining an active and engaged guild community and avoiding stagnation of inactive characters The Second Sith Empire rigidly imposes an attendance requirement.

A. Any main character that is inactive for 45 days or longer will be summarily removed from the guild.

B. Any alternate characters associated with a main character removed from the guild for exceeding the inactivity limit will be removed at the same time as the main.

C. Members who expect to be away from the game for any length of time in excess of 45 days may contact an officer. The officer will place a note in the users member note indicating an extended absence. Guild members be granted a leave of absence up to six months upon request, no questions asked.

9. Guild Web Site Usage: As a guild we rely on the resources and tools provided on our guild web site very heavily. As a result, we do have a mandatory requirement for visiting and logging in to the web site in order to view vital information,news, events and policy changes.

A. Members must login to the guild web site ( at least once every 45 days.

B. Failure to maintain the prescribed visitation to the website will result in removal from the guild during regular roster maintenance periods.

10. Multi-Guilding: We understand that SWTOR is a particularly story driven game, with each class having its own storyline, and many people are going to want to play alts, including Republic alts. We recently added our Republic guild to the game, Second Sith Empire Counter Intel which your welcome to put your Republic toon in simply speak with one of the officer's of the guild about a invite for your alt.

Please be advised that you're existing guild characters in The Second Sith Empire will still be subject to the attendance restrictions above.