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Manakeep 728x90
Operation Rules

Update 07/28/14

I. Operations Management

  1. Operations will have one Raid Leader. The raid leader may designation one or more operation lieutenants for organizational purposes.
  2. The Operations Raid Leader has the final authority over the operation. It is his/her responsibility to coordinate all of the members of the raid group, manage the operations list, designate crowd control and focus targets and explain the necessary tactics. While Operation Lieutenants are invested with limited authority, it is the Operations Raid Leader who is the ultimate authority in the group.

II. Communications

  1. Mumble is required. Two way communication is recommended but not required. You MUST be able to listen to called out commands from the raid leaders.
  2. We ask for radio silence during any engagements within an operation. The only conversation during a boss fight should be about the boss fight by the OP leaders

III. Loot

  1. All raid loot will be handled via Master Looter rules with the Operations Raid Leader handing this role
  2. ALL loot in an operation is intended for characters players use in that operation and is not intended to be traded, given, swapped, stripped or in any other way transferred to non-raid participating characters.
  3. Players will be invited to roll on available Loot for their Main Spec first
  4. If loot is remaining after the call for Main Spec has been satisfied players will be invited roll for Off Spec
  5. If loot is remaining after the for Off Spec has been satisfied it will be given away to a raid member using the Master Looter Random function
  6. Only one set bonus piece of equipment may be rolled for per person per raid week. This restriction is by player, not by character. Set bonus pieces that are distributed randomly after Main Spec and Off Spec rolls have been satisfied are NOT subject to this rule
  7. Crafting materials that drop during operations are collected by the Operations Raid Leader to be deposited into the guild bank. Crafting schematics may be awarded to members of the raid upon a successful roll.
  8. DO NOT attempt to loot a boss until all players are revived. DO NOT loot chests until the Operations Raid Leader gives the go ahead to do so.
IV. Raid Participant Responsibilities

  1. All players MUST be signed up through the online event calendar hosted on the guild web site at least 24 hours prior to the operation in order to ensure a chance to make the raid team for a given operation.
  2. ALL players are expected to view the recommended preparation material BEFORE joining an operation. This material includes walkthroughs, guides, videos and forum discussion on our site that have been prepared by the Operations Raid Leaders to assist in running the operation. Operations Raid Leaders will summarize the mechanics found in this material, the are not responsible for reading it to you verbatum. Read/watch it, learn it and let the Operations Raid Leaders refresh your memory during the raid
  3. Ensure you have picked up all the material you need for the run BEFORE the start of the run. This includes but is not limited to stims, adrenals, medpacks, missions or any battle specific items needed for the operation that were outlined in the material you've already reviewed prior to joining an operation. We will not hold an entire operation up so that one person can jump back to the fleet to pick up something. If you arrive unprepared the Operations Raid Leader reserves the right to replace you with someone who is prepared.
  4. All players MUST be online in game and on Mumble at least 15 minutes prior to the start of an Operation in order to ensure an invite to the Operations group
  5. Understand that running Operation will make you die. Progression is part of running OP's. Sometimes it takes all night to kill a boss. Don't get frustrated, just learn from mistakes and boss's will die.
  6. Have fun. We are all here to have fun.

NOTE: Ops will run for at least 2 hours. There will be one 5 minute break called at a convenient time by the Raid Leader.

V. Advanced Operations Requirements

1. Gear

  • Armor: Minimum gear level requirement is 168 (verpine/underworld) for all elements (Armor/Mod/Enhance) overall per armor piece
  • Relics: Must be Arkanian or better
  • Implants: Minimum gear level requirement is 168
  • Earpiece: Minimum gear level requirement is 168
  • Offhand/Mainhand: Minimum gear level requirement is 168 (verpine/underworld) for all elements (Armor/Hilt/Barrel/Mod/Enhance) overall per piece
  • All of the above must fully fully augmented with the advanced (purple) version of an appropriate level 28 augment

2. Experience

  • Must have completed the Operation in Story Mode and able to link the achievement to the raid leader or have completed the operation with the raid leader present
  • Must have watched/read any pre-requisite materials (videos/guides) as defined by the raid leaders

3. Parsing

  • We DO NOT require a parse to enter a raid
  • We DO require all raid participants to run with combat logs on and be prepared/willing to provide combat logs at the conclusion of a raid for further analysis of the raid effectiveness by the raid leader

NOTE: The primary parsing tool used by the raid leaders is TORParse. If you do not know how to use torparse please speak with Ryakiri or Javanda, or refer to the forum post HOW TO USE AND UNDERSTAND TORPARSE.

4. Progression

  • Raid leaders monitor the raid performance both during fights within the raid as well as afterwards through the use of a log parser
  • Real time analysis combined with after action log analysis allow the raid leaders to identify potential issues in tactics, rotation and game play
  • If issues or concerns are discovered a raid leader will approach anyone they believe may need improvement and help to mentor that person through skill tree customization, armor modifications, rotation enhancement or overall game play suggestions
  • Players who have been identified as need improvement will be removed from the Progression Ops rotation until such time as the raid leaders feel they've resolved any identified issues.
  • Players may be asked to run additional story mode versions of operations, conduct live parsing during mentoring sessions or demonstrate in some other way the performance requirements needed for progression ops

NOTE: It is the guilds goal to help any and all guild members who are interested in participating in progression ops to do so. The mentoring, training and evaluation done by raid leaders is the most effective way of achieving this goal.