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Updated 07/28/14

The promotion process works as follows:

1. Nomination - An individual is nominated for promotion. This can be done in two different manners.

  • Officer Review - Periodically the personnel officer reviews a players site usage, game usage, attendance at guild events and may solicit input from other officers or members. Based on this if they feel the individual has performed sufficiently to earn a promotion they nominate the individual for officer approval.
  • Peer Review/Public Comment - Other members who have interacted with the player and feel they have performed sufficiently to earn a promotion post the suggestion in the Promotion Review Board forum for further officer review.

2. Officer Review - As needed on a regular basis the officers review all nominates from the previous week and vote on whether a nominated individual should be promoted or not.

3. Peer Review/Public Comment - After a nominee has been approved by the officers their promotion is posted on the Promotion Review Board forum for all members to review the reasoning and weigh in with their vote on whether they object to the promotion or not. If an objection is voiced the officers follow up with the objecting member to determine if their objection is sufficient ground to deny the promotion. If it is, the nomination is removed and the member is consulted by the officers. If it is not the member is promoted and their rank is adjusted accordingly on both the web site and in game.

NOTE: Members who have been promoted to higher ranks who fail to maintain the expected criteria for their rank can and will be demoted during monthly performance reviews of their activity and participation. This is not to punish the individual, but to encourage continued and improved participation in the game and the guild.