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About Us
For as powerful as the Sith Empire is, it is being torn apart from within. Infighting, indecision and a lack of coherent guidance is eroding the strength that defines what the Sith Empire is. While the Emperor languishes in seclusion concocting selfish plans for self-preservation the future of the Empire is left in the hands of the squabbling Dark Council who are more interested in advancing their own agendas and securing their own power base.

Forced into a tenuous treaty with the reviled Republic the Sith Empire has spent more than a decade placating a false peace while the Republic rebuilds it’s forces in preparation to wipe the Sith out in one final blow. All the while the impotent Dark Council fights amongst themselves and foolishly wastes the military forces of the Empire on their own limited civil wars.

Despite the obvious failings of our leaders it is impossible to change the disastrous course our current path leads us down. That is where the Second Sith Empire comes in. Instead of trying to change the course of our failure of leadership, the Second Sith Empire instead is preparing to step in and save the Sith Empire from itself.

When the Emperor leads the Sith Empire to ruin against the Republic, the Second Sith Empire will be there to pick up the pieces and keep the spirit and the nature of the Sith Empire alive. We will recover from our leader’s failings and we will prevail. While we continue to go about our normal duties in our various capacities as Imperial Citizens, soldiers, Dark Lords and agents we conspire to form a shadow government in secret.

It is this government, established to preserve the Empire not to oppose it that will one day save us all and allow the Sith Empire to shine in the glory it once enjoyed. When that day comes, all who have supported the success of the Second Sith Empire will enjoy the rewards of their trouble and toil. There will be a place of honor and authority for those willing to make the sacrifices today in order to ensure the Empire’s future tomorrow.

Hail to the Emperor, Long Live the Empire!