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New Guild Site Open for Testing

Yum'kimil / Mar 10, 2016
As many of you know our current web/voice hosting provider Shivtr has put us in a bit of a bind with some significant service changes which we could not avoid. As a result the officers have been working feverishly to find alternatives and build them out. We settled on moving to the popular guild/clan site Enjin.

Over the past couple of weeks we've been working to build out the site and move as much content over as possible so we can open it up for public testing to our members. We did a preview invitation only opening for Group Pay members earlier this week and the reviews were very positive.

I'd like to invite everyone to visit the new site at its temporary address of and take a look around. Your feedback is important in whatever form it comes. When reviewing the site please look for the following things:

  • Consistency: Are the page layouts consistent and natural, do the pages flow in a logical manner
  • Functionality: Do all the links on the site work, do widgets and other on page applications work as expected
  • Copy Errors: Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes, alignment or rendering issues
  • Content: Is the content accurate, are there any omissions of information we should have up
  • Overall Impression: Do you like the flow, is it cluttered, can it be improved, is it visually acceptable
You'll find there are a lot more elements available to us with the new provider. This will allow us to introduce some very interesting features that are only partially implemented now. We'll run down these new features in later postings to familiarize folks with them more. A few of the new exciting features include:

  • Custom wiki database
  • WebPoints system with integrated virtual store
  • Improved live web chat with break out window
  • Tag based awards, titles and achievements

One of the other things this new change will mean for us is a move away from Mumble voice chat to Team Speak 3. This has been something a lot of folks have been asking for over the years and just wasn't financially viable with our current provider. Enjin providers a choice of Mumble and Team Speak and the people have spoken (mostly Javanda and Midyir really) and we've opted for the Team Speak 3 option. You find interesting web integration with Team Speak which we never had before. But we'd like to test this out during our trial period as well.

We'll be running this round of beta testing for the next week or so in order to give us time to collect your feedback and make any necessary changes. We are tentatively targeting next Thursday for the official change over. This means we'll be discontinuing the paid services on Shivtr and issuing refunds of any unused prepaid Group Pay funds to the original contributors based on a system that has yet to be detailed by the provider. We will be putting in the transfer of the domain ( to the new site that day as well. This typically takes 24-48 hours to full take effect. There may be instances during this time when the site is unavailable, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

One new feature we have is the ability to provide Awards and achievements. For those of you kind enough to help us during this beta testing period you will be given the Award "Test Pilot" and granted 100 Webpoints. We'll explain more on what web points are later on and what you can do with them. For now, you can bank those you earn and spend them later. This is just a little thank you for helping us out during this transition.

You can provide feedback through any of the following channels:

  • PM your feedback summary to me through either the existing or the new site
  • Email your feedback to me directly at, just be sure to let me know your guild user name
  • Post your feedback summary to the Suggestion Box forum on the new site

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide, I hope you like the new site and here's to another four years of a great guild!


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