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Guild Web Site Update

Yum'kimil / Feb 25, 2016
As some of you know we've been pursuing options for web and voice hosting after some significant changes were announced by our current provider. As part of this I've been evaluating the features and functions of another guild hosting site called Enjin that many of you I'm sure are familiar with. About two years ago when we had similar issues arise with our current provider we had looked into transitioning over the Enjin and evaluated their service but decided against it at that time.

Building on the previous efforts we've been working to build out a site for evaluation purposes and have been largely pleased with the experience. The hosting engine provides a much more robust and feature rich offering while at the same time meeting almost all of the hosting requirements set forth by the officers. While to move off our current host has not been finalized at this time, it seems clear that should the decision be made to move Enjin will be the destination.

We have a little over 120 days of prepaid credit left on our existing provider thanks to the generosity of many of our users. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to plan and implement any transition in such a way as to minimize any undo inconvenience to the users. We are already in the process of migrating content from our existing site to the new site. With the exception of forum posts occurring on our existing site we are making an effort to maintain both sites simultaneously to minimize any loss of data between them.

As we wind down the 120 days of prepaid time a few things will need to happen. Obviously we'll need to make a go/no go decision. If we decide to go we will try to finalize the transfer of content, some of which we just won't be able to preserve due to the nature of it. What valuable content we have in the forums we will try to transition over as proper documentation and such.

Before the 120 days are finished we will open the new site up for beta testing to our existing user base. We want to get as many eyes on the site as possible to offer feedback and suggestions on where we need to improve things. Prior to the expiration of the existing site we'll transfer the domain to the new site. Once live we'll officially launch the new site.
Once we are live on the new site the existing site will remain intact but under a different web address which we will maintain moving forward into the future as long as possible.

Part of this transition will also involve changes to our voice server. We will be phasing out the Mumble service we currently use in favor of a Team Speak 3 environment which many users have requested over the years. More details will be provided on this later.

I know it sounds like the decision has already been made. There is somewhat of a consensus among the officers that it has but not all officers have weighed in on it yet. Once all officers have provided their feedback we will solicit input from the rest of the guild as to their opinion as well. This isn't a decision to be made lightly and everyone deserves a chance to provide their input.

More to come soon.


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