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Hoth Conqured by The Second Sith Empire!

Ryakiri / Feb 22, 2016
It has been over a year since Planetary Conquest had been introduced to the game. Although we've participated in Conquest on and off over the year, we have never truly pushed our guild to conquer a planet.

We have always been a small to medium sized guild that focused heavily on 'community and cooperation' and have always had fun doing group content. With the rapid expansion of our guild, I think it is safe to say that we are no longer a small guild and have emerged as a large guild! This week we made our first impact on the galaxy as we finally pushed hard and managed to take over the planet of Hoth with a whooping 2.42 million points!

This has been a truly great week for us as every member of our guild participated as a whole and did a wonderful job pushing us to first place. On behalf of our guild, the officers would love to thank each and everyone of you that helped us reach our goal. We did it! Hopefully this is the first of many to come and we will attempt to take over a planet once every few weeks and conquer the galaxy one planet at a time :)

I would personally like to thank the members of our guild that truly pushed themselves and often ran content that is out of their comfort zone. It was great to see many players join us for PvP, Heroics, Flashpoints, Commander Kills and an immense amount of Operations! As a result, I would like to give out a small prize to these members for their participation.

I have tallied the score for members that earned 20K+ points and have posted the result below.

Conquest Points Earned

Ryakiri 273296
Yum'kimil 272000
Javanda 148763
Sim'baas 146903
Cameill 142660
Aniant 124200
Reina 113055
Rysorse 108220
Fazin 96610
Nessus 89490
Jennaker 86110
Stavia 81840
Oraiasad 79528
Felliana 75080
Dhamen 74880
Pakka 49750
Midyir 47335
Zarana-shi 33250
Mamachoke 22917
Calphayus 20328

Prize for Conquest

I will be giving out the following prize to our members for helping us conquer Hoth. Expect the rewards to go out by the end of the week sometime.

1st Place - 1.5 million Credits
* Yum'kimil

2nd Place - 1 million Credits
* Javanda

3rd Place - 500K
* Sim'baas

I will also be giving out 300K credits to anyone that earned 100K+ Conquest Points and 200K to anyone that earned 50K+ Conquest points.

Thank you everyone!


Congrats to everyone for their hard work. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to post numbers like this. But I think in the end it's worth it as a guild and a community to have a focused goal like this. Granted, it's probably a little more to do this week after week. So we'll be going back to our regularly scheduled events this week and we'll give this a shot again in a few weeks when the tides are in our favor.

Thanks again to everyone for their help in reaching this monumental goal for the guild!
Good job everyone. Even if you only had time to do a few rounds of PVP or some Heroics, every point helped.
Congrats to everyone! An awesome accomplishment for the guild.

P.S. Cool pic Ry. :)
It was tons of fun. Can't wait to do it again.
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