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Possible Changes to Guild Web Site and Voice Chat Hosting

Yum'kimil / Feb 19, 2016
I received a notification earlier this week about some significant changes our hosting provider is and has implemented. The officers have been discussing the implications of these changes and what options we have moving forward that would be in the best interest of the guild. We don't have a firm plan yet, but it is worthwhile to at least know what the changes are and how they will affect us.

Shivtr, who hosts our guild website and mumble server as a single package is breaking out their voice hosting services to a new and separate service called Noise. As a result the monthly cost of the web hosting has been adjusted, though not in direct correlation with the new voice hosting.

Our current community supported plan is the Mythic Plan which is a $20 per month plan and includes a 25 user mumble server. The only reason we are on this plan is the mumble server, though there are some other less critical features it provides. The new Mythic Plan will be priced at $14.99 per month and no long include the Mumble server though there are a few other insignificant features they are now including with it.

The equivalent voice hosting plan for 25 years on their Noise offering is $10.00 per month. There are some advantages over the new voice hosting plan which we do not currently have. Chief among these is the ability to host either a Teamspeak 3 server or a Mumble server. Other benefits include a more robust administrative interface and the various perks that come from the TS3 offering.

The bottom line is, should we continue on our current hosting plan, even with the $5 discount and purchase an equivalent voice hosting plan we will be $5 in the whole per month in extra charges. Another downfall to this is that the voice hosting offering does not appear to offer the same community supported Group Pay function that is currently in place for our site. Nor is there any way for the already generously contributed days of subscription by our members towards the support of the web site to be applied to the voice service. Billing on the voice service is subscription only.

There are a number of possibilities that could arise from this.

1) We could continue with the current web service at the current level and move over to the new voice service using either Mumble or Teamspeak. We would likely move to Teamspeak given the option to do so.
2) We could continue with the current web service but downgrade the plan which would extend our current prepaid subscription out several weeks and either use the new voice hosting offering or another 3rd party offering.
3) We could move the entire website over to a new provider that offered integrated voice chat service (this would entail having members setup accounts on the new service and an attempt to preserve as much of the content as we can from the existing site to port over to the new site)
4) We could move to a new web site provider and move to a separate voice provider.

Unfortunately there is no simple or easy option available to us at this time. We want to minimize the inconvenience to our users while at the same time maintaining a community supported environment and avoid any one person from having to take on the burden of a recurring subscription. The officers will continue to look into options and decide on the best course of action with as minimal impact as practical. As this situation develops we will keep you all posted.

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I like teamspeak :)
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