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Prize for Planetary Conquest

Ryakiri / Feb 19, 2016
In light of the amazing effort that the entire guild has been putting into Conquest this week, I have decided to give away some prize to our wonderful Members. As of right now we are invading Hoth and have a notable lead on the Leaderboard, which we hope to keep until the end of the week.

So I will be giving away prizes in the form of credit to our members who have put in a big effort. At the end of the week, I will tally up all the Conquest points that each member has earned between all their characters and give out the following:

1st Place: 1.5 Million Credit
2nd Place: 1 Million Credit
3rd Place: 500K Credit

Anyone who has earned 50K+ Conquest points: 200K Credits.

Again thanks to everyone for all the work, and keep earning those Conquest points!


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