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Midyir joins the guild officer ranks

Yum'kimil / Feb 15, 2016
Join me in welcoming Midyir to the officer ranks. Most folks know Midyir for his eagerness and willingness to put together unscheduled ops groups and lead us on raids. During the past few months Midyir has stepped up to be a proven leader both through leading raids but also through his presence in guild chat and on mumble.

Midyir has been extremely helpful in teaching newer or less experienced players how to handle their chose class, build out their gear and master content within the game. He was a natural choice for officer material when the existing officers were looking to fill out the guild leadership.

With his skill, experience, patience and professionalism Midyir makes an excellent addition to the guild leadership. Together with all of the other officers we will be executing a whole new schedule of events starting this week that are designed to help get every member of the guild involved and enjoying the game to its fullest.

Thanks to Midyir for agreeing to officially take on the additional work and responsibility of being a guild officer. His continued input and contributions will go a long way to help make us a great guild.


Congrats Mid!
Welcome to the officer crew!
Congratulations Midyir!
Thanks all!
This power you give me I will NEVER LAY DOWN muahahahahaha!
Yay, another salve... I mean officer.
Grats Mid. Don't forget to opt into the pension plan.
Salve, Javanda? Are you going to run Mid on something?
I don't do 'salve'(s), not what I signed up for ;)
Didn't take long for that power to go to his head... ;P