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Joined: May 20, 2013
Nick Name: DLZeon
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State/Province: MI
I know I have been away for a long time now. I am just now, on Feb 15, 2016; updating my game. I think I haven't been on it since pre 2.0, now to see that it's already at update 4.1? *whistle* Been a looooong time.

Jess and Jeff are extremely busy with work so I won't be shocked if they can't get on still. They say hi. I might pop in every once in awhile when I can but who knows. For any new members that do not know me, I am Dan, Tarinos online or any other alt I might have. I mostly run around trying to get places you are not meant to go or hard to reach areas that require a lot of jumping to reach. If I can help with something I usually try to do so, but as I have been gone for so long, I need time to learn any of the changes made to the game as well as get acquainted with and leveled/geared for the new areas released. ~Dan
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