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by Bockrock on Sep 13, 2015 at 11:17 AM
Bockrock and his story

As the leader of the 21st squadron of the Empire Attack Team (EAT) and the Empire Defense Team (EDT) he is also a friend of Hejo, Neutral Jedi Knight also allies with the TSSE (The Second Sith Empire) He comes back to join his team as the Empire has put him back on their team.

Fighting (Hand to hand): 12/100
Fighting (Ranged): 99/100
Talking: 45/100
Defending: 33/100
Space fighting: 100/100

Hejo and his story

As Jedi Knight of the order he was born of Dromound Kaas then his family moved to Courscant during the Sacking then the day after that the sith found him but luckly the Jedi found him and protected him since then Verimy his brother can sense when they are both in trouble to this day.

Fighting (Hand to hand): 88/100
Fighting (Ranged): 0/100
Talking: 77/100
Defending: 88/100
Space Fighting: 44/100
by Bockrock on May 10, 2015 at 01:31 PM
After 10 years of research this article was found out fake but will soon come true we've take over everything and nothing was worth it no more Republic... no more Rakghouls, and no more nothing thank you for listening to this grand finish but I must say nothing was important to this series but thank you for looking at this series so please let there be another series
by Bockrock on Mar 31, 2015 at 12:14 PM
ATTENTION: This is a warning that there is a plague on Alderann and that the travel route is closed anyone who goes to Alderann must have these things: Rakghoul Vaccine if your bitten Armor and weapons if you do not have these things you will be scanned for plague, In or Out of Alderann. Thank you for your attention.

-Imperial Intelligence
by Bockrock on Jan 24, 2015 at 06:30 PM
I've heard rumors of a Rebellion going on when Jedi are defeated... I'm starting to wonder it happens when there's only 3 Jedi left... I've stolen info and took it to my base for research.

June 17, 2277

It looks like when my brother Daniel died, he never was dead he had the idea of the rebellion! That little dumb filthy traitor I'll strangle him when I find him! and when I found it 5 troopers (Imperials) we're found... dead but one flinched then died... its suspicious... always
I will never join the Jedi
is what I said when I joined imperial intelligence and I never will.

June 19, 2277

Not even blasts will kill these---- But I don't know what they are but-------- call imperial inteli------------- -End Transmission journal-
by Bockrock on Dec 21, 2014 at 09:25 AM
Today I've interviewed with Cipher Nine Bockrock today here's the interview.

Bockrock: Ok let's have questions now.

Reporter 1: Ok you said you declared war on the Republic correct?

Bockrock: Correct. The Republic will fire their first shots soon enough so we can win. Next question.

Cipher Two: Sir, we need you at the battleground

Bockrock: I will be ba-

-Crashes at Kaas-

That was the end of the interview because of Republic's first shots. We will continue this soon.


I've found a resource the Republic can use against us, but we can use against them and it looks like this. ---------------------------------------------
On top layer a brown or light brown, Layer 2 has a blue layer, Layer 3 has some sort of meat, Final layer is black but glows in the dark.
by Bockrock on Dec 07, 2014 at 08:53 AM
Day 4

December 7, 2014

Cipher Nine had gone missing November 30th, 2014. We've seen his every move but still nothing. A rouge droid factory was found on Balmorra just yesterday, Bockrock found it but hasn't found out how to get past the droids without dying!


Day 5

December 8, 2014

This is Watcher 2 reporting in on a progress report for Cipher 9 and still haven't reported in. Waiting for a transmission from his ship he still haven't heard any other reports. Watcher 2 out.
by Bockrock on Dec 06, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Day 3

November 30th

I've just joined the Second Sith Empire and we've gotten into enemy hands ITS A TRAP!!!!

-Most of the pages are just scribbles only words you can make out are only "BEWARE THE REPUBLIC" so you notice they've captured him-

by Bockrock on Dec 06, 2014 at 09:13 AM
Day 2

December 4th, 2014

Isn't Balmorra Beautiful... to bad for the war but I was promoted to cipher nine so everyone must refer my to that... well the intelligence refers to me by that. No one is attacking me because of the imperials control but no one will know im spying exept imp intell and the second sith empire... no one else will know
by Yum'kimil on Nov 17, 2014 at 08:45 AM
Date: 23 Selona, 32,811 TYA
Location: Coldstone Canyon, Hoth

For a notorious pirate with more intimidating aliases than most people have teeth Reneget Vause was hardly worth a footnote in my log when it came to difficulty in capturing. While he had an impressive collection of pirates and underlings, most were misfits and rejects who were kicked out of other gangs or military deserters who couldn't muster enough courage or accuracy to fill a thimble.

Torian and I tore through the ranks of White Maw without much slowing down. We cornered Vause in one of old abandoned ship hulks. Without his minions to absorb blaster fire for him, he went down quickly. A quick genetic scan confirmed for both me and the client that he was indeed the target of opportunity we were looking for.

Satisfied that I fulfilled my end of the contract Madalore transferred my fee and now I can make my way off this frozen wasteland to some place a bit more habitable. A note for future reference, I need to modify my armors environmental systems to better adjust to the cold, I'm freezing my ass off here. It's hard to shoot straight when your shivering.

Personal Journal Entry 1261
by Yum'kimil on Nov 14, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Date: 13 Elona, 32,811 TYA
Location: Imperial Orbital Dock, Hoth

Before I could even set course back to Mandalore, and before I could part company with Mako I was approached by a representative of The Mandalore. Given my recent victory in The Great Hunt I caught his attention. The representative, a young mandalorian name Torian Cadera was instructed to enlist my services in taking down a pirate lord on Hoth. He was also instructed to offer his services in assisting in this.

This assignment was much different than most. Cadera arrived with a dossier on the target complete with a substantial intelligence report, historical movement pattern, psychological profile, known associates and a detailed breakdown of their base of operations. I suppose I shouldn't expect much less from The Mandalore himself. It certainly made my task much easier and saved me the trouble of conducting the surveillance and intelligence gather myself, and shaved a few weeks off the assignment.

So with Mako and Torian our new addition in tow I accepted the assignment and headed off to Hoth. We were delayed on the oribtal station waiting for clearance to reach the planet. Since Hoth is still an unofficially contested planet neither the Imperials nor the Republic are allowing ships on the surface, so we'll have to dock at the station and shuttle down.

I've decided to keep Mako on the ship as a controller and intelligence resource, that seems to be what she's best at. At least I won't have her nagging me every time I decide to shoot someone. Besides, Torian seems fairly capable in a fight, and I'm curious to see what kind of people The Mandalore employs, especially given his young age.

Personal Journal Entry 1257
by Yum'kimil on Nov 13, 2014 at 01:22 PM
Date: 9 Relona, 32,810 TYA
Location: D5-Mantis, somewhere in the Alderaan system

Mako convinced me that seeing this Great Hunt through would be our best chance at confronting Taro Blood. Who, like most cowards, has gone out of his way to avoid risking himself to our wrath but instead sacrificed numerous underlings to us.

We've progressed steadily through the hunt, taking down one target after enough. All the while avoiding the various traps and obstacles Blood threw in our way despite being against the rules of the hunt. Our last target was a Jedi master with an appetite for Mandalorians. Kellian Jaro apparently had been a thorn in the side of Clan Spar for years and earned the top spot in this most recent hunt.

Thanks to another one of his little tricks Blood managed to beat us to the target. Jaro was working with a group of elite republic special forces based on the Thranta-class corvette Aurora. Thanks to Blood warning the Jedi, my D5 was immediately captured in a tractor beam when we came out of hyperspace.

Fortunately for us the "elite" republic forces were anything but. We managed to blast our way out of the landing bay and find Jaro, who had already captured the hapless Blood and was holding him in the brig. With both of my targets nicely packaged for me in one room I made quick work of Jaro to win the hunt. After pleading for his life I took the liberty of dispatching Blood before making our exit from the doomed ship.

With my conscience clear and my pockets full from the prize money I think it's time to head back to Mandalore. As much of a pain in the neck as she can be in her moral compass type of way it will be difficult saying goodbye to Mako. She's been a decent companion these few months. But business is business, and our business is concluded.

Personal Journal Entry 1257
by Yum'kimil on Nov 12, 2014 at 03:38 PM
Date: 17 Helona, 32,810 TYA
Location: Jiguuna, Nal Hutta

My initial meeting with Braden went off without incident, though not what I expected. It seems he doesn't have the ability to sponsor anyone in the Great Hunt. Instead he is working to earn a token from one of the local Hutts that would be the ticket to the tournament. He's partnered me up with a young, not so unattractive slicer named Mako, a Nikto weapons expert name Jory and himself.

The plan is to pull off some jobs for this Hutt and impress him enough to earn the token. Then he'll have me enter the tournament while the rest of the team supports my efforts. If we win, we split the winnings and I get to keep a useless title I care nothing for. What can I say, he sold me at 'winnings'.

Our first target is a criminal named Vexx. Apparently he's been robbing the Imps and they've put a bounty out on his head, dead or alive. Just the way I like them. We're headed for the space port now to pick him up from a shuttle he's inbound on. This should be a fairly simple assignment.

Personal Journal Entry 1245
by Yum'kimil on Nov 12, 2014 at 08:54 AM
Date: 7 Helona, 32,810 TYA
Location: Jiguuna, Nal Hutta

I was recently contacted by a bounty hunter named Braden on Nal Hutta. He was interested in procuring my services for what he described as some type of Great Hunt. Apparently he somehow became aware of my past work and was interested in seeing me in action. If he liked what he saw he'd agree to sponsor me in this Great Hunt.

Never having heard about this hunt I was hesitant to take the job, it just seemed a little too suspicious. However, after mentioning it to the old man he insisted I follow through with it. Apparently the Great Hunt is a long standing Mandalorian tradition and a great honor to be a part of.

So here I am, once again on this cess pool know as Hutta, or Nal Hutta as the locals refer to it. I suppose this will have me working with, or for those detestable slugs again. Hopefully this won't be a long stay.

Off to meet this Braden and see what he has to offer.

Personal Journal Entry 1239
by Yum'kimil on Nov 11, 2014 at 01:09 PM
Date: 4 Telona, 32,810 TYA
Location: Iblis Clan vheh'yaim, outside Keldabe, Mandalore

Bahl is six years old now, and it's amazing how much he's changed since the last time I was back on Mandalore. We've kept in touch with holocalls and correspondence but it's not the same as being here. He's old enough now to pick up a weapon and start training, which some of the other clan members have been doing with him. He could wait to show me some of what he's learned. The time I spent with him made the awkward return worthwhile.

Tez, she was busy with her other son, or at least tried to appear so. I think it was as awkward for her as it was for me. To the point that I felt bad for her. Eventually the old man, ever the doting grandfather stole the youngling away to give Tez and I some time together.

We were able to reconnect after some tense moments. I think we've come to terms with what's happened. My detailing of similar acts while on assignment help to ease the tension a bit. We both know and understand that what we do outside of our relationship we do as a matter of neccesity. The important thing has always been what we share. But she also knows that I can't accept her younger son as my own despite how much she wants me to.

I understand that it goes against what it is to be Mandalorian. I never made a good mandalorian, and I never will. There are aspects of the mandalorian culture that I thrive with, and other such as this were I simple can't accept it. I suppose I'll always be a member of the clan, but that alone doesn't make me mandalorian.

One final grim task I had to undergo while on Mandalore was fitting and modifications to Dram's armor, my armor. If I'm to wear it to honor him it needs to at least fit. I also had it painted from it's original colorful pattern to a basic black and gray pattern. That alone apparently was cause for concern, but I explained that it was part of my quest for Justice, which is what the black colored armor signifies in mandalorian culture. That was enough to appease the naysayers.

Now it's time to move on to the next job, whatever that might be.

Personal Journal Entry 1224
by Yum'kimil on Nov 11, 2014 at 08:32 AM
Date: 24 Kelona, 32,810 TYA
Location: Sobrik, Balmorra

My third and final target was an Imperials customs officer at the Sobrik space port. He'd been on the GDI payroll for some time now. His unique access to the docks here on Sobrik granted him special rights to "overlook" certain shipments that shouldn't have been allowed to pass through without paying the high tariffs the Empire imposed. He was also in a key position ensure the GDI's competitors on the planet were inconvenienced with delayed or lost shipments on a regular basis.

It was this level of access that allowed him to route arms and material covertly from GDI manufacturing facilities on the planet to the thugs on Agamar. That was largely his key role, but I have to imagine that he has been involved in other nefarious operations as well.

This strike was a quick, cold and clean kill. I even went all out and purchase a new toy for this one. A brand new Merr-Sonn MR-38 sniper rifle. It was able to throw a magnetically projected self detonating slug over a kilometer with pin point accuracy. That accuracy came from the guided munitions used by the weapon. All you have to do is pull the trigger and keep the target in your sights. The projectile does the rest. It's a near guaranteed one shot one kill.

Like most corrupt bureaucrats, Sedriss Soocha had a pretty typical routine. Unaware of the mark on his head he kept to that same routine just like all the other blind cogs in the wheel that was the Empire. This meant he had a very predictable pattern. A few days of observation and this pattern was well established an a simple but effective plan hatched.

The ideal time to strike would be on the tram ride from the outskirts of Sobrik into the city for his daily shift. The area was wide open and surrounded by hills. Offering a wide field of fire and multiple exit paths it would take very little effort to take the target down during his transit to the city in the open air hover bus he frequented.

With the range and accuracy of this beauty I was able to safely conceal myself in the hills overlooking the city. The long approach of the hover bus made ranging the target simple. One squeeze of the trigger and three tenths of a second later the target was plastered all over the other unfortunate passengers on the bus and my vendetta was complete.

Now I have to figure out what to do with myself. Do I go back to Mandalore and sort things out with Tez? Or do I try to find another excuse to avoid her and distract myself with more work?

Personal Journal Entry 1209
by Yum'kimil on Nov 10, 2014 at 08:46 AM
Date: 17 Kelona, 32,810 TYA
Location: Bin Prime, Balmorra

Immediately after making the decision to send Dram's body back on a transport but not return with it to attend the funeral I regretted the decision. He deserved better than that from me. I just couldn't do it. I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to face Tez or the clan in the wake of the new born that wasn't mine. I wasn't ready to deal with the grief of Dram's death that was consuming. And I wasn't ready to give up hunting down the bastards that caused his death. That decision came back to haunt me on Balmorra.

The old man found out that I was trying to meet up with Tez on Balmorra. I had hoped I could spend time with her and sort things out. I was surprised when he insisted on coming with her. I had prepared myself to deal with Tez, but not the old man.

I expected the worst, accusations, incriminations and the difficult questions associated with such things like why Dram and not me? Why didn't I save him?

To my surprise I got none of that. Instead what I got was gratitude and thanks. Clearly they were still in mourning. But I think they realized how much it affected me. More so than I think I realized it myself.

In the end Tez and I never had a chance to sort out our own issues, we decided to put those off to another time. The last thing the old man did was part of mandalorian tradition. He presented me with Dram's armor. Apparently Dram and told both Tez and the old man that if anything happened to him, since he didn't have any children for the armor to pass down to that he wanted it to stay in the clan. He wanted it to be handed down to his brother, me.

Overwhelmed I took the gift with as much gratitude as I could muster accepting the fact that I had lost my brother that day one year ago.

Personal Journal Entry 1196
by Yum'kimil on Nov 07, 2014 at 01:37 PM
Date: 10 Welona, 32,809 TYA
Location: Polar orbit over the planet Mindor, Taspan System

The ability to predict your opponents actions is a sure path to victory over them.

This was never truer than the next target on my personal vendetta. Gadon Hozard left one criminal organization to run another. Or perhaps he had hands in both all along. Regardless I was able to track him down on the planet Mindor in the Taspan system, the base of operations of the Black Syndicate. Another small time criminal operation specializing in smuggling, pirate raids on local shipping and typical grunt work of protection and racketeering.

He was held up in a fairly well fortified location so a front assault simply wouldn't do. So instead I had to employ a bit of social engineering learned during my days working with Imperial Intelligence. I spend the last few weeks tracking shipments to and from the planet. Based on that I was able to fabricated a plausible story of a terrorist cell bent on retaliation against the Black Syndicate. It was pretty shaky, but it was enough to spook a spineless thug like Hozard to jump planet and get out of town before the explosions started going off.

Once in orbit he was easy prey, despite the substantial fighter escort he had with him. I was able to use the considerable firepower and resources of the Mantis to ambush them before they could escape the Taspan system. Making short work of the fighter escort Hozards shuttle tried to make a quick escape. A few concussion missiles later and both Hozard and his shuttle were nothing but dust. Target number two eliminated.

One more target to go, then I really don't know what I'm going to do. This personal war I've taken on to avenge Dram has served as a much needed distraction from the issues back on Mandalore and the friction between Tez and I. We haven't talked or seen each other in months and we've barely exchanged any correspondence. And when we do it's mostly discussion about how Bahl is doing. I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with all of that. I need to focus on this last target and then we'll take it from there.

I'm off to Balmorra for my last mark. I've message Tez to let her know. Maybe she'll take me up on the offer to meet me there and we can work things out.

Personal Journal Entry 1179
by Yum'kimil on Nov 07, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Date: 1 Yelona, 32,809 TYA
Location: Kuat Freight Port Facility, Venir

After a substantial amount of digging I was able to track down the first of my three targets. Finn Zonder was ostensibly a logistical manager for one of GDI's subsidary shipping companies. He was responsible for handling supply runs between Taris based GDI and Kuat Drive Yards. One of the pathways to KDY was through Kuat Freight Port located in the neighboring system of Venir.

Tracking down this particular gang leader proved difficult because of him going to ground shortly after the assault. When the gang organization evaporated he was able to fade back into his original role as a functionary of GDI. I tracked him down on Venir where he was overseeing delivery of two of the new and rare D-5 Mantis patrols craft. Somehow I doubt GDI intended to use this powerful warships for commercial gain, they no doubt had nefarious intents in mind for them.

Having left the resistance of Agamar behind I was taking to this mission on my own. The first time I've truly worked alone in years since Dram's death, it left me feeling a bit uneasy. Fortunately the element of surprise was with me as the target was completely unaware of what was about the transpire.

I was able to infiltrate the facility through a freighter passing through it which I booked passage on. Once on station slipping away from the berths of the freighter was easy. Finding Zonder even easier since I knew he'd be in the most secure hangar in the facility. Gaining access to that hangar was a bit more difficult.

The GDI security posted outside the hangar enjoyed some R&R thanks to some FGA-583 nerve agent delivered by my trusty RDP-12 rocket launcher. This allowed me to march right into the hangar to confront the target and his entourage of unsuspecting security. A few generous bursts from a JM-28 Assault Cannon neutralized any resistance and left me face to face with Zonder. Since it was such a personal vendetta, I thought it important to make sure my victim knew why he was about to die. Unprofessional and unneccessarily risk I know, but I just felt it had to be done.

After dispatching Zonder in as painful a way as allowed with the time restraint I had I just couldn't resist but to help myself to one of the shiny new D5's freshly delivered to the station. Sure they're not the prettiest ships in the galaxy, but they've got enough firepower to take out a small capital ship. After launching, I wanted to make sure I wasn't followed. A few quick bursts from the ships guns and I vaped the unshielded D5 left in the hangar and did a significant amount of damage to the facility. Certainly enough to cover my tracks.

Now it's on to my next the comfort of a new D5-Mantis Patrol Craft. I might just have to keep this for myself it's so nice.

Personal Journal Entry 1168
by Yum'kimil on Nov 06, 2014 at 03:19 PM
Date: 21 Helona, 32,809 TYA
Location: Calna Muun, Agamar

The exchange with the gang was nothing but a ruse. We learned this thanks to Dram, who managed to over power one of his guards and gain access to a transmitter to get us the information which the gang leader was apparently very vocal about in front of the prisoners.

This didn't stop me from trying to get them back though of course. It just dictated a change in tactics. Instead of walking in the front door of hangar we were supposed to meet the gang in we took a slightly more aggressive approach, blowing in the hangar doors and storming the place.

We were able to get the prisoners out. Those that were still left alive. Turns out after Dram managed to get his message out the gang leader had him killed in order to make an example out of him for the others.

I know he brought this on himself with his recklessness and impatience. But he deserved better than this. I man not hold all the mandalorian traditions sacred that he did, but I can say he deserved a warriors death. Instead he was shot in the back by a bunch of cowards.

The gang leadership, knowing that their trap had been spoiled had left the hangar by the time we arrived. So the scrubs we took out in the assault were nobodies. The gang leaders are still at larger, all three of them.

With their support dried up and the majority of their grunts taken down the gang war on Agamar is over. But I'm not going to let those three punks walk away from this alive after killing Dram. Despite how annoying he could be, I consider him to be a brother. And his death deserves to be avenged.

Now I have to break the news of his death to Tez and the old man. Not something I'm looking forward to.

Personal Journal Entry 1143