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Campaign #8: "Empires Edge" Chapter 1 "Spirit in the Sky" Part 3

After securing the confiscated ship of Bolla'roosh the wayward smuggler pointed the team to a contact he claimed to have on the remote planet of Rishi. Known as a pirate haven and refuge far from both Imperial and Republic influence Rishi would be a logical location for a pirate organization looking to enjoy the spoils of their ill-gotten gain.

Arriving on Rishi the unlikely group of travelers drew a number of unwanted eyes to their presence, having made little attempt to blend in to the local culture of smugglers, thieves and pirates. Making their way unmolested to the Blasters Path Cantina in the waterfront district of the shanty town that served as the main port of commerce for the backwater planet.

Here they made contact with Weklae Baso, one of the bartenders of the Blasters Path and acquaintance of some sort to Bolla'roosh. Baso, ever the diligent barkeep was found tidying his work area in the populated but uncrowded establishment. Shaanna was the first to approach the contact.

Engaging in witty banter she ordered a drink for herself and Lord Shavi. Dispensed by a serving droid working in concert with Baso the drink proved to be less then potent. A fact Shaanna didn't hesitate to point out to the barkeep.

Baso, for his part played the complaint cool and honest. Pointing out the fact that she was only charged a third of what the drink typically costs that Shaanna shouldn't really complain at the quality. When pressed further on the issue Weklae let it be known that his establishment and others were facing supply shortages and were forced to ration their supplies.

Unmoved by his apologetic tone Shaanna pressed the matter further. Eventually the team learned that supply runs in the sector were being disrupted by an apparent unmentionable entity. While it was clear Baso knew more than he was willing to say, the team were not meeting with much success in gathering useful information from him.

Suddenly, and without any apparent provocation Shaanna took an aggressive posture. Her actions suggested either a serious lapse in judgement or critical impairment of certain mental faculties that inhibited erratic behavior. While it was a potentially disastrous turn of events, it certainly was not an isolated incident. Shavi recognized this fact and immediately stepped in to diffuse the situation before it got out of hand.

While dealing with the overly aggressive Shaanna and the diplomatically skilled Shavi Weklae was also forced to fend off unwanted advances from Tsukyomi's menagerie of pets trying to gain unauthorized access to the business side of the bar. This combination of assaults on his senses, or perhaps just sheer frustration at having been bothered by this group moved the barkeep to provide further cooperation beyond his comfort level.

Without revealing any details which could have punitive consequences to him, Baso was happy to divert their investigation from himself to another potential source of information. Calling over a petite ginger with the bearing of an experienced and capable player in the halls of smuggling and piracy Weklae introduced Shavi and her team to Mavi'Kaldau.

Describing her has a new arrival from Tatooine where she headed up a no so insignificant criminal element Baso also indicated this veteran criminal had direct dealings with the group suspected of interfering with local shipping. Glad to be rid of the overly inquisitive group of newcomers Baso went back to sweeping up his work area, head down and attention piqued and the new intrigue in an establishment with a never ending stream of drama and violence.

Drawing the group to a small alcove at the rear of the establishment, well from the curious eyes and ears of other patrons Mavi introduced herself and offered her services. The conversation started out in typical fashion with pleasantries exchanged followed almost immediately by veiled then open threats.

Kaldau seemed unmoved and almost entertained by the bold inferences made by the group. Clearly she knew that she was in no danger from even this skilled group of operators in this establishment. Still, curious to their motivations she decided to play along. The sale of information being one of many services that she offered she decided to work with this new group.

The team stumbled over themselves as they tried to ascertain the motivational elements that would induce Kaldau into cooperating. Finally the negotiations started after Shavi offered up a piece of equipment she had previously recovered earlier on in their adventure. It wasn't worth much but it was enough to start the 'game' as Kaldau referred to it.

After significant bartering and banter, during which Kaldau had to fend off the apparent intimate advances of Shaanna the team learned a great deal of information. They discovered that the group of pirates in question were recently new additions to the planet. While they were a recently formed group they were uncharacteristically well funded and supplied. Curiously, their ships, gear and weapons while new and unfamiliar to the seasoned smuggler were made to look old and weathered for some reason.

The "Wild Wolves" as they referred to themselves, had a significant compound on the north end of a small island to the north east. Kaldau had made trips to the compound in the past picking up cargo to sell for the group. Nothing particularly unsavory exchanged hands, mostly the mundane utilitarian items typical of pirate captures. Clearly they didn't trust Kaldau enough to have her move any of the more questionable contraband she was sure they dealt in.

Kaldau further speculated that while the group maintained a staging area on Rishi, likely to fence their wares they had to have a larger facility elsewhere. Only a base with orbital support capabilities could handle ships the size of the Chimera and other supply ships that have gone missing. After providing detailed map coordinates to the compound Kaldau did warn them of the danger of approaching the facility uninvited.

A high contingent of experienced troops guarded the base from the ground. While an array of anti-air artillery were in place to discourage any unwanted approaches by air. While they did have significant ground facilities in place they were dug into the mountain side as well for extra protection. Additionally the number of landing pads spaced around the facility suggested the presence of significant air power of their own, whether for defense or offense was anyone's guess.

Before the team could depart Kaldau fired off several questions of her own, trying to find out who they were working for and why they wanted the ship. In the exchange she immediately caught on to the fact that while the team failed to reveal their true origins they were not representative of the Sith Empire. A fact which made Kaldau immediately suspicious. Not wanting to pursue the matter further, or perhaps not wanting to implicate herself in whatever plans the team had she let the matter rest and went back to her work as he allowed the team to do the same.

Session Rewards
Base XP: 1500
Bonus XP: 750
Player Bonus: X4
Calculated XP: 9,000
Level Bonus: x9
Total XP: 81,000
Merit Points: +1 to all players
1 bonus merit point to Ry and Stavia for their willingness to sacrifice their finds from the last session
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