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Intent on reuniting the unlikely ally Bolla'roosh with his unjustly confiscated vessel the team storm the Rising Star Casino. A floating pleasure palace on the outskirts of the Promenade district of Nar Shadda. The facility served as a small but popular casino, one of many in the area. More importantly it was a front and base of operations for a small but up and coming criminal organization known as the Crimson Hounds.

Run by their leader, an individual calling himself Callous, the group specialized mostly in electronic crimes. Fielding a team of slicers the game would infiltrate banks, business and individuals networks using that access to manipulate operations to their gain or flat out stealing money from various accounts and transferring it to secure untraceable holdings for later withdraw.

Entering the lobby of the hotel/casino the group were confronted not by the typical warm reception one would see at such an establishment. Instead, two heavy industrial security droids were guarding the entrance to the VIP gaming lounge. Almost immediately violence erupted as if the facility security were already aware of impending danger.

The fight was brief and violent. Leaving both of the security droids a mass of spend parts on the floor in the aftermath. The team then set about searching the nearby area. Finding some interesting though seemingly worthless items on the droids they next set about accessing the various terminals available in the room. This met with some success as a few of the team were able to procure useful information and upgrades while Lord Shavi was able to manipulate the facilities security system to force it into maintenance mode temporarily.

Satisfied they had exhausted all avenues of investigation in the lobby the team moved deeper into the building. Passing into and through the VIP gaming lounge they were pleasantly surprised to find nothing more than a room full of disinterested high rollers who barely gave the newcomers a passing glance. Making their way down the winding and unguarded stairways they cautiously approached the main gaming floor.

Almost immediately upon setting foot in the room they were set upon by a rotund human of advanced aged garbed in ceremonial red robes. His motivations were unclear, but his intent was obvious. He was intent on exercising his violent tendencies and attacked the group as they attempted to pass through. This elicited an immediate response from the team as they turned to engage the hostile target.

During the course of the next few moments Tsukyomi took a moment out of the action to enlist the aid of one of the casino patrons. Convincing a distracted and obviously inebriated destitute smuggler at the same gaming table that their assailant was somehow responsible for cheating at their game of chance she managed to easily enrage him to the point of action.

In the meantime the rest of the group set upon the old man who was anything by jolly at this point. Each team member took their turns at attempting to bring the man down, some met with more success than others. Finally, wounded and weakened by the flurry of attacks the newly recruited ally of Tsukyomi's delivered the final killing blow. Felling the large man to the floor with a deadly blast from a cleverly concealed weapon.

In the moments following the engagement the team scoured the casino floor looking for useful items and information and finding some. Tsukyomi congratulated her new found friend then engaged in surprisingly casual banter in the wake of the brutal killing of the unnamed individual. Satisfied they had accomplished all they could here the team continued deeper into the facility and the last room before the light bridge to the landing pad where the smugglers ship was located.

Here, in the grand dining hall the team encountered another armed and armored guard. An obstacle which Tsukyomi quickly overcame with a subtle suggestion through the Force convincing the guard the team was allowed to be in the area. With victory in sight the team moved through the dining hall only to be stopped by the gang leader and facility manager Callous.

After a brief and boorish conversation between Roosh and Callous which left the rest of the agitated group yawning in irritation the team set upon the masked gangster. Who, one would think would have secured better protection in his own facility prior to taking on four unidentified individuals who had already proven themselves quite capable. Never the less, whether through over confidence, lack of intelligence or simple boredom a conflict was inevitable.

The one sided fight was mercifully brief and avoided any unnecessarily prolonged theatrics. The team quickly wore down the defenses of the capable, though not particularly intelligent criminal. In an ironic, of not poetic twist of fates the final blow came at the hands of the wayward smuggler himself. Bolla'roosh leveled his weapon at the wounded crime leader and unleashed a burst of death that fell the foe in it's tracks.

Rifling through the corpses pockets like some desperate band of homeless thieves they found very little in the way of booty. Turning her attention to the unaware and apparently less than capable medical droid in the room, Tsukyomi was able to discover a concealed compartment with some interesting items in it. Satisfied they had pilfered all they could from the scene the team made their way across the curiously invisible light bridge to the waiting ship, having successfully completed this leg of their mission.

Session Rewards
Base XP: 1600
Bonus XP: 500
Player Bonus: X5
Calculated XP: 10,500
Level Bonus: x8
Total XP: 84,000
Merit Points: +1 to all players
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