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Scattered and hunted down across the galaxy by the Imperial Security Bureau, Darth Stavia struggles to put the pieces of their once impressive organization back together again. Having found refuge on the uncharted planet of Odessa the small band of visionaries work to rebuild what they once had.

As days turn to weeks the regular struggles of survival soon take their toll on the lofty ambitions of the naively idealistic group. Their alliance with the Chiss Ascendancy has granted them much needed supplies, but one of those expected shipments has failed to arrive and supplies are dangerously low.

A call is received by the Chiss informing Darth Stavia that the freighter ferrying their supplies has been captured by pirates. Along with the vital supplies was a surprise visit from a high ranking Chiss dignitary. Assistant Syndic Tam'eryl'csapla has gone missing along with the freighter Chimera en route to the Second Sith's sanctuary.

Action is needed, a rescue and recovery effort is planned and Darth Stavia calls a small group of trusted agents before her on the bridge of the Indomitable Spirit to brief them on their coming mission. They must locate the missing freighter, recover the craft and rescue the Assistant Syndic unharmed so he can be returned to their benefactors. It is believed doing so in a timely and efficient manner will earn further favor with their patrons.

Lord Stavia dispatches the group to Nar Shadda on a recently acquired civilian shuttle. Here on the smugglers moon they are to make contact with the freighter captain and sometime smuggler Bolla'roosh. Roosh was recommended by the Chiss because of his past dealings with the Ascendancy and his known association with some of the less savory elements of the shipping industry.

Chiss intelligence believes he could provide vital information on the illegal seizure of the Chimera. They believe that such a bold move is likely to neither go unnoticed, nor un-bragged about among the pirate and smuggler community. Roosh's connection to that community should offer some insight into the incident with which to direct the teams further investigation.


Arriving on Nar Shadda the team meet up with Lord Shavi who had been previously dispatched to identify and locate their supposed contact. Having tracked him to the Slippery Slopes cantina on the Promenade she established as surveillance perimeter and awaited the arrival of the rest of her team.

Cautiously approaching the already lightly inebriated smuggler the ladies of the Second Sith Empire immediately assumed an ere of courtship thanks largely to the alcohol induced perceptions of Roosh. With an eagerly accepted invitation to join them at the bar Shavi, Shanna and Tsukyomi immediately began plying the unsuspecting smuggler with his preferred beverage as the quiet and unassuming Gaeta observed from a comfortable distance.

Several drinks and a few toasts to inanimate objects and clearly non-humanoid creatures into the conversation Boola'Roosh revealed a situation he found himself in that the ladies immediate seized on as an opportunity to exploit. Roosh conveyed a slurred and nearly incoherent story of his ship being confiscated due to some business dealings that had gone awry. He needed help reacquiring his ship, and through some leap of alcohol induced logic thought that a group of attractive woman would be the key to that goal.

His sob story revealed and his suggestion that their help in retrieving his ship from a possibly violent but certainly criminal group of individuals met with welcome enthusiasm he beckoned the ladies to follow him. A short speeder ride later the group found themselves at a small casino just outside the Promenade district. Upon arrival at the well-appointed facility Roosh decided then was the time to reveal the inherently hostile nature of the clubs inhabitants, but had little concern for the safety of this group of attractive women he was trying to court. After all, they looked like they could handle themselves.

Session Rewards
Base XP: 1100
Bonus XP: 0
Player Bonus: X4
Calculated XP: 4400
Level Bonus: x7
Total XP: 30,800
Merit Points: +1 to all players
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