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Join us for the next chapter in our Structure Role Play campaign series. In "Empire's Edge" we pick up after our last episodic adventure and bridge the gap between the purge of the Second Sith Empire as well as bringing the guild story into the Knights of the Fallen Empire time period.

We'll tell some of our own backstory that happens in the five years between the start of Chapter 1 and Chapter 9 of the KotFE story line. There's a lot of story to tell and we'll put our own interesting spin on the elements of the in game story you already know.

While we don't have a firm start date just yet I'm targeting mid to end of February for the new adventure. Stay tuned to this forum thread for some collateral material leading up to the adventure so you can get some of the back story.

Empire's Edge is a Structured Role Play adventure that's built on our existing Structured Role Play 2.3a rules. It's designed for 4 to 6 players of any class. While level restrictions of the 2.3a rules still apply the adventure welcomes returning characters that have been used in the past.

If you are interested in participating let me know. I would welcome any backstory for potential characters and will likely be soliciting input from participants during the construction of story content.


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Having already suffered devastating losses during the initial few weeks of a relentless purge against the organization the leadership of the shadow group was scattered, their members hunted down for capture or execution or otherwise forced into hiding. Through a series of brutal, near simultaneous raids on multiple bases of operations, safe houses and gathering points Imperial forces spear headed by the newly formed Imperial Security Bureau had dealt a crippling blow to the group.

With the death of their leader and the losses they had suffered their threat to the Sith Empire was quickly downgraded. After the last major action against the group which saw the capture of a small band of outcasts housed on Tatooine lured to and apprehended on the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas all further resistance activity vanished overnight. A fortunate thing for the Empire given the real threats posed to it by outside forces waiting in the wings.

In the months since the end of the internal purge against The Second Sith Empire a new more capable and far more relentless foe has emerged. The initial onslaught by this mysterious group from the reaches of Wild Space claimed the lives of Darth Maar and the crew of his flagship and much of his task force. A flotilla dispatched to the outer reaches of the galaxy in search of the resurgent sith Emperor after his decimation of the Imperial world of Ziost, it is suspected that whatever he found would spell doom for the Empire.

Pressing their initial advantage the forces of the Eternal Empire cut a path of destruction across both Imperial and Republic space in a crusade to seemingly conquer a mostly divided galaxy. Both sides, still suffering from decades of war with each other found themselves in no position to offer much resistance to the overwhelming force. As a result dozens of systems fell in the initial weeks of the campaign and hundreds of thousands of lives and starships were sacrificed in ultimately futile last stands on key strategic planets.

The death of Darth Maar left a power vacuum within the Sith Dark Council which, after much debate was filled by the ministerial attaché Rahovart who had stepped in at the behest of the council only a few short months prior to assume the leadership role of the ISB. Now a full seated member of the Dark Council he was charged with filling the military void left by Maar, a role few were interested in taking given the desperate situation the Empire was faced with. Stepping in to replace Lord Rahovart as head of the ISB was his capable and trusted deputy Admiral Corde Isard who vowed to continue her relentless pursuit of anti-imperial forces and dissidents such as The Second Sith Empire.

Through bold management of resources and well placed faith in a few extraordinarily talented commanders the Empire was able to stem the tide of lost systems to the Eternal Empire long enough to begin talks for a truce with the invading force. Whether a lasting peace will be agreed upon and what the price of that peace is remains to be seen.

At the same time, surviving members of The Second Sith Empire cling to hope of revitalizing their organization while remaining faithful to their vision of the future. Having been sent off previously by Darth Yum'kimil to seek refuge through the former intelligence agent Kestus with his people in the Chiss Ascendency in the Unknown Regions her select group of agents in command of the organizations flagship the Indomitable Spirit failed to track down the rogue agent.

Despite acquiring significant relevant clues as to his whereabouts, clues that came at great personal cost to Darth Stavia and her retinue, they were unable to find him before the purge of their organization fell upon them. Not one to be easily deterred, Darth Stavia was able to make contact with members of a Chiss expeditionary force on the planet Hoth thanks to intelligence gathered as part of her investigation into the location of Kestus himself.

Quickly cultivating this resource Darth Stavia was able to win a tentative if not fragile alliance with the culturally untrusting Chiss. While they were unwilling to immediately present members of The Second Sith Empire to their ruling families a compromise was reached that would be mutually beneficial to both the Chiss and The Second Sith Empire.

Aware of the growing threat from Wild Space of the Eternal Empire and the approaching storm their massive fleet posed the Chiss Ascendency had embarked on a campaign of selective isolationism. In an attempt to remove themselves from a threat they were convinced neither the Empire nor the Republic were capable of confronting the ruling families of the Chiss Ascendency set about withdrawing what limited support they had committed to the Empire.

Leaving only small expeditionary forces on isolated planets in the travelled sectors of the galaxy as intelligence outposts the Chiss began to cut off contact with Imperial authority. Kestus himself had been dispatched on one such mission, tasked with eliminating information from Imperial astrogation charts and navigation beacons of the Unknown regions controlled by the Chiss Ascendency. In general attempting to remove any connection between the Sith Empire and the Chiss Ascendency from any and all known stores of information.

More recently, selective intelligence expeditions had been deployed to Wild Space and the edge of Imperial space to set up listening posts and embed agents into normal commerce and civilian activities within the Eternal Empire. It was one of these holdings that was proposed in the compromise between the Chiss expeditionary force on Hoth and Darth Stavia.

A temperate climate made up of mountains and forests with significant surface oceans Odessen was a previously uncharted planet between regions controlled by the Chiss Ascendency and the Eternal Empire. Making it an ideal location for a base of operations and listening post. During the early rumblings of the growing danger from their neighbors the Chiss established first an automated observatory and listening post and later a small manned station nestled into the mountains of the planet.

With the growing threat of the Eternal Empire now emerging on the larger galactic scale the Chiss had intended to pull these resources back to their core worlds to avoid appearing overly aggressive to such a threatening force. As a consequence poorly defended planets like Odessa were to be abandoned in favor of an automated listening post. However, when The Second Sith Empire came calling on the Ascendency looking for shelter it provided an ideal opportunity for both parties.

A habitable and relatively easily supplied base of operations could easily be established and maintained on the planet giving Darth Stavia and her people the refuge they sought. At the same time the Chiss would not only be able to maintain their intelligence gathering apparatus and listening post but they would also enjoy the protection of a buffer from encroaching enemies by having an armed and capable ally between themselves and the Eternal Empire.

In relatively short order the details of the arrangement were hammered out and the Chiss gladly turned over control of a planet which they did not by rights own in the first place. The Second Sith Empire wasted little time establishing itself on the planet, reusing the existing infrastructure left behind by the Chiss and expanding upon those resources. Soon the call went out through clandestine channels to all current and former members of The Second Sith Empire. The organization was on the rise again, Darth Stavia would rebuild the organization to stand not only against a corrupt and ineffective Sith Government but against the greater threat of the Eternal Empire that was only recently emerging after the first few months of what promised to be a prolonged conflict on many levels.

Through the struggles and turmoil of galactic conquest The Second Sith Empire would rise again at the Empires Edge.
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Structured Roleplay Timeline:

Agents of Antiquity Structured Role Play - 12 months before "Empire's Edge"
  • A conspiracy of entities conspires to acquire pieces of an ancient alien device of unknown origin
  • Agents of the Second Sith Empire are dispatched to acquire the pieces before they can be assembled as well as to learn the origin of the device
  • The agents fail in their task allowing the "Chairman" to acquire the pieces and assemble them
  • The group learns the ancient device housed a Rakata entity imprisoned tens of thousands of years ago.

Agents of Darkness Structured Role Play - 10 months before "Empire's Edge"
  • A team of agents is assign to investigate the disappearance of Yum'kimil and his task force previously dispatched to Ilum to put down what appeared to be a mutiny of imperial forces
  • The team is waylaid on their mission and learn additional details of the entity previously unlocked from an ancient alien device
  • With the help of a scholar of ancient artifacts based at the Sith Academy on Korriban they learn of certain artifacts that can aid them in defeating the ancient Rakata unlocked by the device
  • The team acquired the needed items and reach Ilum
  • Here they confront and defeat the entity only to find that the ancient Rakata was a tormented prisoner of an even more ancient Celestial being inhabiting the alien prison
  • The ancient celestial possessed the body of Yum'kimil and attempt to bring the team under it's influence but was ultimately defeated by the team thus liberating Yum'kimil from the creatures control

Cry Havoc Structured Role Play - 6 months before "Empire's Edge"
  • With an ere of foreboding and an uncharacteristically aggressive approach to managing what was supposed to be a clandestine organization Yum'kimil embarked on a plan of militarization
  • Dispatching teams on missions to enlist or employ military forces to aid The Second Sith Empire on what their leader claimed to foretell as a great battle looming on the horizon the teams worked to do the bidding of their master
  • In their efforts to recruit a particularly capable mandalorian clan the team assisted in numerous missions to build the confidence of the clan leader and earn his trust before ultimately securing a treaty of alliance with them

Conversations Play by Post - 3 months before "Empire's Edge"
  • With foreknowledge of an unprecedented betrayal that would befall the organization Yum'kimil set about actions that would ultimately orchestrate the very betrayal he saw
  • Yum'kimil believed that by placing key supports of the organization in high ranking positions he could influence the purge that he foresaw coming
  • This maneuvering allowing him to make much needed preparations for the organization to survive the inevitable storm it was about to face while ensuring it's future preservation
  • The purge did occur, with his long time friend and supporter Lord Rahovart overseeing it with a selective vision of where and when to strike to give the appearance of effectiveness while ensuring total defeat never happens for The Second Sith Empire
  • In the end the storm raged out of Yum'kimils control and he sacrificed himself in a calculated move to alleviate pressure against the group and ensure it's continued existence
  • Remnants Structured Role Play - 2 months before "Empire's Edge"
  • In the aftermath of the purge a small group of survivors of The Second Sith Empire retire to seclusion on the desert world of Tatooine to lay low
  • Here they lend their services to a small time crime boss and bide their time until the order can reemerge
  • During their time in hiding they unravel clues that lead them on a mission to rescue a high ranking member of the order
  • When that member betrays them to the ISB the most of the group are captured in a bold entrapment plan by the Deputy Minister Admiral Corde Isard

Empires Edge Introduction - 1 month before "Empire's Edge"
  • In the weeks after the death of Yum'kimil and the events of "Remnants" attention on the crusade against The Second Sith Empire has waned in the belief that with their leader dead and the few remaining members scattered the group poses no threat to the Empire
  • The destruction of Darth Marr's task force and the death of himself and his crew signal the rise of a new threat to the Sith Empire
  • The next few months prove costly to the Sith Empire as the Eternal Empire and it's vast fleet sweep across a wide swath of both Imperial and Republic territory capturing numerous star systems
  • Lord Rahovart is elevated to the Dark Council as a replacement for Darth Marr and tasked with dealing with the new threat of the Eternal Empire
  • Admiral Corde Isard assumes the ministerial duties of the ISB vacated by Rahovart
  • Darth Stavia, failing to locate Kestus to enlist his support instead makes contact with the Chiss Expeditionary Force on Hoth and negotiates a treaty of alliance with the Chiss Ascendency
  • As part of their new formed Alliance the Chiss seed the uncharted and little known world of Odessen to The Second Sith Empire as a base of operations for them
  • Darth Stavia begins the rebuilding process of the organization in the hopes of eroding what support and infrastructure the Eternal Empire is already establishing across previously Sith controlled space

Empire's Edge Structured Role Play - Present day (Chapter 1 - Knights of the Fallen Empire)
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Source: The Promenade Reporter
Headline: Vicious Attack at Local Casino

In a bold and dangerous move that might be signaling a rise in rival gang activity on the Smugglers Moon a violent attack took place at the Rising Star Casino. Authorities report that a rotund human of advanced years was brutally murdered in a cold blooded attack at the small casino. According to eye witness reports a roving gang of individuals stormed onto the main gaming floor without warning prompting casino security guard Santa Cloudhopper to open fire on them.

It is unclear whether or not Santa recognized one or more of group. Friends and coworkers close to the deceased security officer noted that he had an uncanny familiarization with many otherwise unrelated individuals. In fact, investigators found he maintained detailed profiles on a surprisingly number of individuals. He had an extensive list he would reference periodically, presumably to determine if they were good or bad customers of the casino. So it's possible he recognized one of his assailants.

Investigators are also looking into the possibility that this could have been an inside job. Witnesses on the scene reported that a frequent patron of the establishment, Roli Solidad might have been involved in the attack. Solidad is described by employees of the casino as a destitute smuggler who management is frequently at odds with over bar tabs and gambling debts. Investigation into Solidad's background suggest that in addition to his "import/export" business he may also be a bit player in the local criminal organization known as the Crimson Hounds though these reports are unconfirmed at this point.

Additional shots were heard throughout the building both before and after the attack. Evidence was found of the destruction of two security droids which apparently tried to stop the attackers before they could reach the casino floor. These account for one series of reported shots. An additional firefight was heard after the attack on the main floor, but no evidence of a battle and no bodies were discovered as a result of the third round of blaster fire.

Authorities are working to piece together the events of this violent night. Many of the witness are either unwilling to come forward with more detailed accounts, or were simply too engrossed in their evenings choice of entertainment to notice any real details. Security footage of the attacks were unavailable due to the fact that the security system was placed into an unscheduled maintenance mode. The timing of which is being investigated and may support the allegations that this might have been an inside job.

Individuals closely tied to the investigation seemed to discount the theory of this being an inside job. Instead they say this points to the volatile state of criminal activities on the smugglers moon and believe it signals the start of what might prove to be a long and bloody turf war. The Rising Star is owned by known associates of the Crimson Hounds criminal syndicate. An organization with known rivals in the form of several other small time operators. Only time will tell if the violence ends with the death of Santa or if it boils over into a larger war.

Santa Cloudhopper is survived by a his wife and several small children. He was described as being kind and uncharacteristically generous individuals for someone living on such a cut throat local. Friends and family recounted stories of his generosity during the annual life day celebrations where he would go out of his way to bring joy and happiness to individuals he never even knew. His spirit will live on in those he touched over the years.
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