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‘She is gone.’ The words echoed through Biava’s thoughts. But why her? She was so young, so innocent, so naïve. She always wanted to be more, learn more, but Biava held her back. Not for lack of confidence in her, no Biava had the utmost confidence in her young ratattaki apprentice. It was out of compassion, Biava cared for her too much.

The shuttle flight was uneventful, as it should be. Both Biava and Sie’la had done little to draw attention to themselves. Neither of them could afford the prying eye of the imperials today. They stepped off the shuttle to a normal imperial welcome of customs droids and guards. Sie’la waited as the droid scanned her identification. She couldn’t help but smile as she watched Biava simply walk past the guards. The doubled bladed saber attached to her belt gave the guards pause on stopping Biava.

Biava waited for Sie’la just outside the space port. From there their destination was only a short speeder flight away. The speeder weaved in between the the towering apartment buildings before stopping at the base of a residences. Each of the women pull their hoods up as they exit the glass covered speeder and head for the apartment entrance.

As the turbo-lift climbs to the 6th floor Biava begins to fiddle with the small com link imprinted on the back of her cybernetic hand. The lift comes to a stop just as the door opens sending a slight chill over the two women.

Sie’la chuckled as he breaths began the cloud the space in front of her. “It’s freezing in here”, she said as the two of them emerged from the turbo-lift camber, “Though I doubt AK knows.”

Biava removed her mask as she entered the first room of the residence. The room had a decent charm to it, even though it was located in the center of the imperial home-world. The walls were decorated with various painting of landscapes all across the galaxy. Despite the frigid temperatures, the air was filled with a sweet fragrance of the familiar jungle fern. The room must has served as a gather space given the large seating arrangement within view of the rain covered windows.

Biava set her mask on the nearby side table as she approached the large crescent shaped couch. She placed her metal hand on the shoulder of her friend and former caretaker, AK. The droid was still for brief moment before his eyes sparked to life and his head turned to Biava. “It’s good to see you AK”, she said with a friendly smile and cold tone of voice.

Motioning toward a panel located on the back wall, Biava spoke to her ratattaki friend. “That should be for climate control. If you would?” Within the minute, the apartments frigid air began to warm. Biava patted AK on the shoulder again before heading off into the next room.

Following closely in tow, Sie entered the next room just after Biava. A low ‘hum’ filled the room and dozens of datacrons floated in their respective storage units. “I recognize maybe a handful of these. You sent them from our Tatooine compound for ‘her’ to study.” She turned to look at Biava, getting only a nod in response. “So where did she get the rest? There are four here on jedi teachings, and ten on the sith. One of these dates back to the Tulok hord era…”

“That is not what we came here for”, Biava said in a harsh tone.

The room fell silent as Sie’la’s tongue pressed against the back of her teeth. She didn’t want to fight Biava on this now. “Right”, she said exhaling her long kept breath, “I’ll see what I can find.” Biava watched as Sie made her way through the maze of datacron stands to the terminal located on the back wall. Sie’la looked over he shoulder back toward Biava. “This will take me a few minutes, you should go check ‘her’ bedroom.”

Biava nodded in response and exited the library, heading for the bedroom. She was greeted at the bedroom entrance by a small nekarr cat. He purred as Biava scratched the top of his head before picking him up and setting him on the bed, where he laid quite happily. The rest of the room as not as lively. Imagery of former imperial conquerors hung on the walls, rain soaked windows let little light though so a single chandelier hung from the ceiling. The only other noteworthy piece in the room was stand, off in the corner, with a rather large crystal suspended atop it. The stand ‘hummed’ slightly as Biava approached it, though nothing seemed to happen.

Biava was reaching for the crystal when the lighting in the room shut off. The crystal began to glow slightly before brightening to color the room in a sparkling green. Biava turned around to find AK standing in the doorway.

“Best I can tell”, he said in his metallic voice, “It was to serve as some kind of night light. Would ‘she’ really use something like that? I mean ‘she’ is only 16, in the middle of imperial home world, hanging around with a bunch of sith. Yeah”, he said with a dropped vocals, “I might have wanted a night light to.”

Biava turned back to the crystal, reaching for it with her good hand. The crystal had a warm, rigid touch to it. “It’s a fake”, she stated as she pulled a knife from the sleeve of her robe. Much like silk, the crystal was cut with ease. Biava set the knife on the side of the stand as she peered into the hollow center. An almost eerie silence falls on the room as she reaches in and pulls a small green saber crystal from the empty shell.

A rare smile engulfed Biava’s face as she turned to AK. The crystal spun in air, occasionally catching the dim rays of light, as it floated toward AK. “AK, you didn’t touch the climate control while you were here right?” AK nodded as he plucked the crystal from the air. “Of course you didn’t, it’s exactly as ‘she’ left it.”

Biava started to fiddle with the small transmitter on the back of her metal hand again, as she spoke to AK. “Go… go check on Sie’la, I need to find us a way onto Ilum.”
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Two lightsaber collided in the dimly lit cargo hold of the corellian light corvette. Biava’s doubled bladed purple lightsaber danced gracefully around her body as it met the light pink, single blade, saber of Sie’la’s.

Biava blocked a high slash aimed at her head. “Sie, you're moving too slow, accelerate your movements.” She stopped a low slash followed by a slow kick near her mid-section. “You aren’t using your strength”, she shouted out, “You’re young, you should be moving faster, stronger.”

Biava deactivated her saber as she ducked under another one of Sie’s high slashes. In an instant she knocked Sie’la off her feet, re-ignited her saber, and lets the tip of her blade follow Sie’la all the way to the floor.

“Dead”, she said in a low voice. Biava deactivated her saber while offering her right hand to help pull Sie’la off the floor.

“I prefer sparing with Javanda. I at least have a chance at beating her”, Sie’la said as she rubbed her lower back.

The ship’s intercom sparked to life before Biava could offer a witty rebuttal. Ak’s ever friendly metallic voice boomed throughout the ship. “We will be arriving at Ilum shortly ladies. My motherly instinct would suggest that you put on warmer and less revealing garments before we contact command.”

Biava let out a soft chuckle before responding to AK. “Well thank you, mother.” She reached out with her three fingered metal hand to shut off the intercom prior to motioning to Sie’la. “Come on, let's go change.”

The door shut behind the two of them as they entered the small wardrobe room. Biava ran her hands through her short brown hair, letting out a big sigh in the process, before reaching for the knife resting in her hatch. She took a deep breath as she placed the tip of the knife just below her collarbone to begin cutting away at the layers of cloth wrapped around her upper torso.

Sie’la turned her head. Looking over her shoulder brought a frown to her lips and worry to her dark gray eyes. Her eyes traced over the various scars as well as the badly healed tissue on Biava’s naked back. Looking forward again, Sie’la continued to look at Biava’s reflection in the mirror. “You know”, she spoke in a low, soft tone, “we’ve been together for two years now. Are you ever going to tell me what happened?” She turned to face Biava, who was now kneeling in front of her hatch.


Sie’la shook her head as she turned back around to begin getting undressed.

A few minutes passed before Biava spoke again. “Why would I?” She kept talking before Sie’la could respond. “They are from long ago. Given to me by friends and enemies alike. Tied to a past best left alone and forgotten. They are my burdens to carry, not yours”, said Biava as she pulled her heavy snow robe over her shoulders.

Walking toward the door; Biava stopped to place her good hand on the back of Sie’la’s head, who was now sitting on a bench. “Take your time Sie”, she said in a soft voice, “I’ll wait for you on the bridge with AK.” Biava waited to see a smile form on the young girl’s face before slipping out of the room.

Biava exhaled heavily as she tied her hair back while approaching the bridge. Her smile faded, eyes darken, and shoulders dropped as she made the walk up the last few steps before reaching the bridge.

AK was seated on the right side of the bridge. He punched a few more commands into the terminal before turning his chair to face Biava. “You know”, he paused for a moment before continuing, “you really should tell her.”

“AK I’m going to ignore the fact that you were listening in on our conversation and just skip to your answer. No”, she protested as she folded her arms across her chest, “Now, when can we contact Ilum command?”

The droid moved his hand so it hovered over a medium sized button near the ships holo communicator. “Right now, if it pleases you?” Biava nodded, and AK’s hand dropped onto the button, sparking the holo-com to life.

“This is the republic outpost, send clearance codes now.”

“Negative. Priority message specter 343.” Biava unfolded her arms, placing her now unoccupied hands on her hips, she impatiently shifted her weight back and forth waiting for the republic ensign to respond.

The holo-com flicker as the image changed to a large cathar in republic armor. “Ah General Dammos what a…”, the man pauses for a moment as his holo image renders. “Oh, it’s you”, he continues.

“Well it’s a pleasure to see you as well Captain. How has Ilum been treating you?”

“Cut the talk,” the Captain snapped back, “I tolerate your presence, assassin, only because The General demands it. Now, what do you want.”

Biava chuckled lightly as she shifted her weight once more. “Fair enough Captain. Here is what i need.”
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