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Manakeep 728x90

Advanced Operations

Date: Mar 10, 2016 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: Yum'kimil
Category: Raids
Join us for advanced operations as we tackle some of the more challenging end game content. Depending on signups and the weekly targets this could be either Hard Mode or Nightmare mode operations depending on what the raid leaders feel the group at hand is ready for.

Gear and capabilities requirements to qualify for this event will be forthcoming.
Bounty Hunter (2)

1. Cameill Mercenary

7. Mid'yir Mercenary

Imperial Agent (1)

2. Rein'a Sniper

Sith Inquisitor (3)

3. Dashpwnzors Sorcerer

5. Stavia Sorcerer

9. Fazin Sorcerer

Sith Warrior (5)

4. Zaanza Marauder

6. Javanda Juggernaut

8. Nessus Juggernaut

10. Dhamen Juggernaut

M. Yum'Kimil Juggernaut



I could heal (aka let Stavia carry my weak heals) as well
Apparently my wife and I have an appointment with the accountant tonight to do our taxes after work. So I haven't a clue what time I'll be home. I might not be available at start time for this.
I love my job -_-

Won't make it tonight as well.
SLACKER!!! Where's your don't need to work!

Sorry you missed it, was a lot of fun.
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