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Structured Role Play "Empires Edge"

Date: Mar 13, 2016 - switch instance
Time: 09:30 PM
Posted by: Yum'kimil
Category: Meetings
Join us Sunday February 14th at 9:30pm as we kick off "Empires Edge" the next installment to our Structured Role Play series of scripted adventures. Chapter 1, "Spirit in the Sky" picks up chronologically around the end of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story line as we tell the guild's continuing story in the five years between chapters 1 and 2 of KotFE.

We will be playing off the existing Structured Role Play version 2.3a rules set which are currently available online through the forums on the guild web site. In order to catch up on the story and see where the characters in the new campaign are I suggest reading up on the Conversations play by post as well as the collateral content already posted for Empires Edge on the forums.

If you are interested in playing please select an in game character and build out your character card as instructed in the Structured Role Play instructions. If you have questions or need help with this please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

It's also help to have some back story of your character ready and refererenceable, if not published on the forums for everyone else to enjoy. The character premise of this story line would have each participant a loyal member of the Second Sith Empire in character, whether they be new recruits, veterans or those returning to the fold after the in game events of the past campaign.

In addition to your character card and a copy of the rules it's also helpful to have a pen and paper handy or something else to take notes as we play through the story line. Clues, hints and important information are constantly being introduced that may become relevant later in the story that you'll want to make note of.

Our sessions typically run two hours, we have a hard stop point of 11:30 regardless of where we are in the story. What we don't finish in the current week we'll pick up the following week. But keep an eye on the forums as news, hints and other plot developments have a tendency of cropping up during the course of the week between sessions.
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I'll most likely be an hour late.
An hour pushes us back to 10:30 which is probably too late to start. So it's up to the group if they want to start at the regular time without you or not. But I personally can't commit to starting at 10:30 with an 11:00 stop. We won't get through much story to make it worthwhile there and I won't be able to run much later than 11:00. So I'll let everyone else decide.
Welp... I'm still out of town with the fam...
Looks like we're a bust again for this week then.
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