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Cartel Market Weekly Sales March 15 – 22

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales for the week of March 15 – 22

Bioware on Lost Legendary Player Status

Bioware has posted some clarification on the lost legendary player status bug.

SWTOR 4.3 PTS #3 Odessen Warzone and Rishi Arena Changes

Here are the new changes for the Odessen Warzone and Rishi arena from SWTOR PTS 4.3 version 3.

New Guild Site Open for Testing

Check out our new guild site currently in beta testing on Enjin and give us your feedback

March Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage.

Chapter XI Disavowed Story Guide

Chapter XI Disavowed Story and conversations guide.

Game Update 4.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for Game Update 4.2 which will arrive on March 8 after maintenance from 5 am to 9 am PST.

Eternal Championship Delayed

Eternal Championship will be delayed and not part of Patch 4.2

PTS Odessen Warzone and Arena Changelist

Here are the list of changes to the Odessen Warzone and Rishi Arena from today’s PTS update.

New State of the Guild Address

Check out the latest State of the Guild Address for an update on the guild and game
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Yum'kimil / Mar 10, 2016

As many of you know our current web/voice hosting provider Shivtr has put us in a bit of a bind with some significant service changes which we could not avoid. As a result the officers have been working feverishly to find alternatives and build t...

Yum'kimil / Mar 01, 2016

Check out the latest State of the Guild Address for March 1, 2016. We recap some of the important events of the past three months. Discuss the revised events calendar. Pay tribute to our two newest officers. We take a look at how we became one ...

Yum'kimil / Feb 25, 2016

As some of you know we've been pursuing options for web and voice hosting after some significant changes were announced by our current provider. As part of this I've been evaluating the features and functions of another guild hosting site called ...

  Yum'kimil: It's fun, especially if you get the right group to run it with you.
  Mzark: so out of curiosity i did as much progress twoards the fleet datacron as possible before I had to have four people and it is interesting. I have the red crystal and the blue crystal
  Yum'kimil: Just an FYI for everyone, we'll be opening the new web site up for all members later this week to check out and provide feedback on. Keep you eyes open for the announcement.
  Yum'kimil: Let me put my surprise face on. But I'll bet the'll keep churning out cartel market junk right on schedule.
  Ryakiri: Looks like Eternal Championship is being delayed again :/
  Aniant: Happy Birthday Reina!
  Javanda: Happy birthday Reina
  Yum'kimil: Happy birthday Reina!
  Ryakiri: Happy Birthday Reina!
  Ryakiri: We are invading Tatooine now.
  Yum'kimil: I know you're on the other side of the world on and all, but that some serious latency. Lag...carrier pigeon delivery speeds.
  Ryakiri: I finally got my mail from Bioware with the 1050 cartel coins today. 10 days after it was supposed to have gone out. Guess better late than never.
  Yum'kimil: Oh I just meant be happy they responded and didn't just close out the ticket and ignore you.'re really asking a lot!
  Jennaker: I would be happy if I could even use it but its the dread guard one that needs cartel rep so its useles >.<
  Yum'kimil: Boy some people are never happy :)
  Javanda: L.O.L
  Jennaker: I like customer support... after 20 days of waiting on a response to me ticket they finally responded... and gave me the wrong hk customization >.>
  Yum'kimil: Javanda wants to push for command based on our commander run last night
  Ryakiri: Do we know what encryption we should be choosing for Conquest reward?
  Javanda: I'm gonna be late tonight. Maybe 30 minutes. I'll keep you posted, appoligizes.
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